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Exercise and Eye Care

If someone told you that you can care for your eyes, with proper exercise, what would you think? It is safe to assume that hearing this statement would bring up images of moving the eyes around, looking here and there, in efforts to work eye muscles. In actuality proper exercise refers to the usual type that you do every day, assuming that you exercise everyday that is. Maybe this sounds a bit fetched up, but there is a very plausible explanation behind it.

Blood, oxygen, and organs:

All organs in our body depend on oxygen. The more oxygen we get into organs the better it performs the eyes of course is not an exception. The act of doing exercise or involving your body in strenuous activities causes your circulatory system to go on overdrive. Your heart pumps stronger and faster and the respiratory compensates by getting more oxygen in your bloodstream. The fast circulation of blood leads to a richer distribution of oxygen to all other organs, thus increasing oxygen in your eyes.

How exercise works

Exercise does not mean getting into a gym or devoting a good part of your day to exercise. On the contrary all you really have to do is consider an activity you can do in as little as half an hour a day to get your blood pumping in an optimized level. Perhaps the easiest way to get into exercise is taking up jogging or running. All you really have to do is wake up a little earlier than usual in the morning run up and down the block in half an hour and go about your day. Why the in the morning? Well aside from the circulatory benefits doing exercises in the morning increases your metabolism making you more fit and making your body’s process of converting food to energy a lot more efficient. The process of exercise also releases endorphins into the body; the endorphins have the distinct effect on people making their mood and disposition happier. So to some it all up you get great vision, a more efficient body, and a better disposition what more do you need to start the day?

Motivation is the key

On top of the benefits exercise has on your eyes it makes your overall health go up a few notches. Once you get used to the routine everything will be a lot more comfortable and you will become more fit. There will be some adjustments to be made though, but always keep the benefits in mind. The greatest obstacle to maintaining a daily exercise routine is motivation so does not allow you to get lazy. Impose a stringent standard that would force you out of bed in the morning until everything starts to come together and the system becomes like clockwork. If you could get someone else involved then it would be much better since two or more people doing one routine can help keep each other motivated and in line. Keep in the right frame of mind and you would have great vision well into your later years and more.

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